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The company held a "fire emergency evacuation" exercise

In order to enhance employees' safety awareness and strengthen self-protection and self-rescue capabilities, on the afternoon of July 1, 2016, the company's production safety committee coordinated with the general manager's office to hold the annual "fire emergency evacuation" event.
At 15:00, the welding room was not operated properly to simulate a fire. After the fire was discovered, the person in charge of safety production immediately reported to the general manager and ordered to ring the alarm bell. The general manager's office and the heads of various departments quickly arranged personnel to cut off the power supply and organized personnel Escape the scene.
Employees of various departments evacuated the work site and gathered at the emergency evacuation points designated by the company. The heads of each department counted the number of people and reported the safety of personnel to the commander-in-chief.
After counting the number of people, commander-in-chief Wu Weiyi preached on the spot.
Subsequently, fire fighting training and drills were carried out. The staff prepared the drill equipment. The safety officers conducted drills and explained.
Under the explanation of the security officer, personnel from various departments took turns to exercise.

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